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Issues / Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

Rangelands, Drylands and Pastoralism reflect the interaction between anthropogenic activities - mainly livestock and grazing - and wildlife, with deep environmental and livelihood implications.

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Land Portal and ILC Rangelands Initiative launch thematic portfolio on Rangelands, Drylands and Pastoralism

New film highlights women’s role in protecting the world’s rangelands and pastoral communities

1 March 2022

Rangelands cover 54 per cent of the earth’s terrestrial surface and provide valuable ecosystem services such as water retention and carbon sequestration. They also support the livelihoods of millions of pastoralists who turn rangeland resources into food and livestock products. However, in the face…

Mining fractures land and community in Mongolia

11 February 2022

With over 1000 licenses issued across the country, a diverse range of mineral extraction operations are transforming Mongolia’s rural cultural landscape. The Gobi region is crowded with both mega mines and smaller-scale operations. The Gobi also has excellent conditions for renewable energy and is…

WOLTS End of Year News 2021

2021 - The Year that WOLTS!

16 December 2021

After adapting to challenges of COVID-19, 2021 turned into a very busy and exciting year for the global WOLTS team. This year has been the culmination of five years of field activities in Mongolia and Tanzania, with a strong focus on disseminating what we have learned. Our key findings can be found…


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Ethiopian pastoralists

Moving forward with communal land rights in Ethiopia: what are the legal solutions?

29 March 2022

In Ethiopia, pastoralist communities and other communal land users face significant threats due to government policies which favour large-scale land investments and erode communal land rights. Here, Daniel Behailu and Nathaniah Jacobs discuss the importance of developing laws that recognise and…

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Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

2 September 2021

Securing land rights is critical for realizing sustainable food systems that provide food security and overcome poverty. Security of property rights is central to preserving livelihoods, maintaining social stability, and increasing incentives for investment and for sustainable, productive land use…