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Issues / Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

In this completely revised and updated issue page we provide fresh insights into the challenges and risks facing diverse pastoralist communities across the globe from the Sahel to Siberia. Learn about rangelands and drylands worldwide and how they are impacted by anthropogenic climate change. Review current international policy and law to critically assess their effectiveness in protecting pastoralist rights and livelihoods. Explore the risks posed by the growing market in carbon offsets and how related conservation initiatives can impact negatively on rangelands and savannas which are often mischaracterized as deforested and degraded lands. Dive deeper to explore the position of women and youth in pastoral communities. Challenge common assumptions about the future of pastoralism so as to reimagine possible ways forward.

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Lessons from Africa Climate Summit: We need to listen more to pastoralists and farmers

23 September 2023

Sometimes at high-level international events, like the Africa Climate Summit held in early September 2023, we do not have the opportunity to, or forget to, include the voices of people who are going through the very issues discussed.

Confident Gender and Land Champions

Confident Gender and Land Champions - New WOLTS Paper Published

23 May 2023

Latest paper from the WOLTS team offers new evidence of a sustainable approach to securing land rights for women and communities 

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Proposals for the protection and effective use of pasture lands presented

17 February 2023

It is proposed in Uzbekistan to develop a draft law “On pastures” in a new edition and the procedure for granting pasture land plots for rent.


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Farmers at the CuveWaters Green Village in Epyeshona, Northern Namibia, photo by ISOE Wikom, sourced from flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED license

Population Growth: The Implications for Land Tenure and Food Security in Communal Areas

11 April 2024

This blog discusses how the increase in population presents a challenge for land tenure management in Namibia’s communal areas. 

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Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

2 September 2021

Securing land rights is critical for realizing sustainable food systems that provide food security and overcome poverty. Security of property rights is central to preserving livelihoods, maintaining social stability, and increasing incentives for investment and for sustainable, productive land use…