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31 March 2023

nder the umbrella of theLand Dialogues series, the first webinar of this year’s series “Taking Data Back: Women’s Sovereignty Over Land Data” took place on March 30th, 2023. The webinar drew in a little over 220 participants and featured panelists from Indigenous women leaders to programme officers.  The series is organized by a consortium of organizations, including the Land Portal Foundation, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Tenure Facility.  

The Maledu Judgment
25 March 2023
South Africa

Under the umbrella of the Advancing Land-based Investment Governance (ALIGN) series, the second webinar of the series “The Maledu Judgement: The power of tenure rights recognition” took place on March 22nd, 2023.  The webinar drew in a little over 230 participants and featured panelists from the private sector, members of mining-affected communities and practitioners.   The series is organized by a consortium of organizations, including the Land Portal Foundation, CCSI, IIED and Namati.  

13 March 2023
CALPI Nicaragua
Latin America and the Caribbean
Central America

CALPI received information that the community of Wilú has been attacked by settlers on March 11, 2023 and that on March 10, 2023, three Mayangna community members and two children members of the Mískitu indigenous people were kidnapped; the kidnapped people were on their way from the community of Musawás to the community of Betlehem in the Mayangna Sauni As territory, in the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, within the Autonomous Region of the Northern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

Woman in the fields in Sierra Leone, 2012
8 March 2023
Dr. Anne Hennings
Western Africa
Sierra Leone

Celebrating Women's International Day, we take a tour to Sierra Leone and put our lens on specific factors that affect women's perception of being insecured in their lands. This data story is based on fresh data from partner organisations Green Scenery, Resource Equity and the University of Groningen.

6 March 2023
Wytske Chamberlain - van der Werf

Report from session during KPSRL annual conference exploring how land registration might impact relations between local governments and the populations they are expected to serve.

5 March 2023

The Land Portal and Both Ends capped the popular Whose Land? webinar series with a final webinar on inclusive financing that drew over 300 participants on 2 March 2023. "Inclusive finance for land governance: A conversation with donors” featured donors from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Both ENDS, Global Fund for Community Foundations, and Tenure Facility, as well as a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert. 

28 February 2023

One of our main goals and missions at the Land Portal is to help democratize the information landscape on land.  This International Open Data Day, set to take place on March 4th, we invite you to read more  of our latest content on our open data related content!

28 February 2023
Mr. Charl-Thom Bayer
Ms. Laura Meggiolaro
  • The links between the open data and land communities have matured over the last four years alongside a recognition of the centrality of land governance for sustainable development.
  • Benchmarking and measuring open land data is a key area of progress since 2018, but more needs to be done to refine the global benchmarks such as the Global Data Barometer.
  • Open data initiatives need to carefully consider their social, political, and economic objectives due to the different needs and interests of land data producers and users. 
27 February 2023

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.  The day aims to celebrate women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education. It  will also explore the impact of the digital gender gap on widening economic and social inequalities. 

16 February 2023
Victorine Che Thoener
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Today, I am on board the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise ship, as we confront the fossil fuel company, Shell, for its role in causing climate devastation around the world - while paying nothing for this destruction. It is now a  trend almost everywhere in the world, fossil fuel and oil extraction are becoming the new trend and a real treasure, to a chosen few. True, governments do need money, and it seems easier and quicker for them  to have it through the exploitation of fossil fuels.

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