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This Act, consisting of 211 Sections, divided into 14 Parts and completed by six Schedules aims at establishing Local Land Services. The objectives of the Act are as follows: (a) to establish a statutory corporation (to be known as Local Land Services) with responsibility for management and delivery of local land services in the social, economic and environmental interests of the State in accordance with any State priorities for local land services, (b) to establish a governance framework to provide for the proper and efficient management and delivery of local land services, (c) to establish local boards for the purpose of devolving operational management and planning functions to regional levels to facilitate targeted local delivery of programs and services to meet community, client and customer needs, (d) to require decisions taken at a regional level to take account of State priorities for local land services, (e) to ensure the proper management of natural resources in the social, economic and environmental interests of the State, (f) to apply sound scientific knowledge to achieve a fully functioning and productive landscape, (g) to encourage collaboration and shared responsibility by involving communities, industries and non-government organisations in making the best use of local knowledge and expertise in relation to the provision of local land services, (h) to establish mechanisms for the charging of rates, levies and contributions on landholders and fees for services, (i) to provide a framework for financial assistance and incentives to landholders, including, but not limited to, incentives that promote land and biodiversity conservation.This Act is divided as follows: Part 1 Preliminary; Part 2 Local Land Services; Part 3 The Board and local boards; Part 4 Planning the delivery of local land services; Part 5 Rates, levies and contributions; Part 6 Travelling stock reserves and public roads; Part 7 Stock watering places; Part 8 Impounding of unattended and trespassing stock and abandoned articles; Part 9 Transportation of stock by vehicle; Part 10 Pests; Part 11 Powers of authorised officers; Part 12 Enforcement provisions; Part 13 Administration of functions of Local Land Services or local board; Part 14 Miscellaneous.

Implemented by: Local Land Services Regulation 2014. (2017-10-13)
Repeals: Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003. (2008-06-20)

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