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The Land Portal Foundation is seeking a dynamic and highly motivated Land Information Management & Advocacy Officer to support us in leading the information and data sharing needs of the Land Portal.  The Land Information Management & Advocacy Officer will ensure the development of information partnerships, lead the development of land information ecosystems, contribute to open data advocacy and capacity building efforts, as well as promote the uptake of open data standards. 

The successful candidate will also be welcomed into a small, dedicated  and disbursed team of international professionals that make up the Land Portal.  The Land Portal is an inclusive space and we encourage applications from women, and candidates from the Global South.  


Organizational profile

At the Land Portal, we believe that data and information are powerful tools for achieving our vision of a land governance system that benefits those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness. However, information sources remain highly fragmented, unstructured, poorly curated and represent a narrow range of perspectives; they continue to be published in ways that do not facilitate maximum discovery, engagement and reuse. Until policy and decision-makers, intermediaries and grassroots groups have access to the data and information they need to make sound decisions, their initiatives will fail to achieve maximum impact.

The Land Portal exists to fill in these gaps, and to nurture a vibrant online platform to inform and engage with partners.  We do this by promoting open data and the sharing of best practices and stimulating debate and collaboration both on and offline. We provide a vital bridge for those grappling with complex land governance issues, from researchers and NGOs through to governments and grassroots communities, by  connecting people, facilitating dialogue and by mending fragmented information. 

Raising awareness of “open data” and the critical role it plays in realizing tenure security for individuals and communities around the world continues to be a great challenge. To this end, we make use of every possible conference, meeting and speaking engagement to promote the concept of “going open,” while recognizing that, given the highly sensitive nature of land data (particularly for vulnerable communities), not everything can or should be made entirely open.

We set out an ambitious new strategy in 2019  to improve the documentation, mapping and monitoring of land governance issues; enrich and inform the global debate on land rights; and democratize access to the land governance “information ecosystem” and improve the flow of data between diverse actors.  The (Open) Data Advocacy and Information Management Officer’s role will be critical in this.  


Job Description

Under the overall guidance of the Land Portal Team Leader, the Land Information Management & Advocacy Officer  is responsible for supporting the Information and data needs of the Land Portal, to ensure that all information and data initiatives being undertaken within the organization are in line with the organization’s strategy.

Principal Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Develop data sharing Plans, Oversee data ingestions to Land Portal platform and stimulate data exchange across platforms:

    • Scope for new (statistical, spatial, bibliographical and project) data to enrich the Land Portal data library in close coordination with the network of local engagement coordinators, content associates and the Land Portal team.

    • Build partnerships with data and information providers, repositories, aggregators or data portals to collaborate on data exchanges between platforms while stimulating the  adoption of open standards, solid infrastructures and FAIR principles;

    • Develop a coherent data ingestion / data exchange plan on a quarterly basis;

    • Oversee data cleaning, enrichment, ingestion processes performed by the Data Consultant and/or Content Contributors with the aim of creating a high quality data repository and an efficient layer of metadata (including regular checks and OK’s before ingestion).

    • Oversee the migration of Land Governance map data into the land Portal in close coordination with the GDWGL and upgrade its functionalities.

  2. Stimulate  data use and identification of various knowledge products: 

    • Together with the Land Portal team, partners and network of collaborators scope and design specifications for possible data and knowledge products for different audience groups to stimulate data reuse, uptake and engagement. Examples of knowledge products may range from data and map stories, web pages or other information products that show examples of data reuse, data repurposing and repackaging;

    • Coordinate and oversee the development of knowledge products where needed, including conceptualizing the products, drafting specifications, implementation plans in close coordination with Land Portal team and external networks and partners,

    • Formalize and oversee collaborations with partners and external collaborators in the course of developing new knowledge products.

  3. Lead Land Portal’s efforts to produce State of Land Information Reports to uncover local data ecosystems:

    • Contribute to enhance Land Portal’s State of Land Information research methodology, both the template for data scoping to be performed by local partners as well as the Open Data assessment methodology;

    • Oversee scoping work done by local partners and guide the process where needed;

    • Oversee and contribute to the Open Data Assessment, realize final score of the Openness of data in the particular country, and consolidate data into a final report;

    • Identify new opportunities for State of Land Information reports in 20+  countries or regions;

    • Keep abreast of other (similar) initiatives where collaboration or inspiration to enhance the process is possible. 

    • Nurture and further develop existing synergies /collaborations between the SOLI research methodology and the Global Data Barometer Land Module and Open Up Guide on Land Data.

  4. Contribute to the Land Portal’s Open Data advocacy strategy and & knowledge management capacity building efforts 

    • Build (Open Data) partnerships and keep abreast with the latest technologies and capacity building strategies to ensure the Land Portal’s approach remains innovative, continues to meet (local) demands and reaches maximum impact, and possibly identify new (business) opportunities for the Land Portal in this area;

    • Develop an effective Strategy to increase awareness of FAIR principles in the land sector;

    • Monitor whether Land Portal’s capacity building efforts have resulted in actual uptake of Open Data principles, and explore possible methods to increase uptake;

    • Co-author conference papers to raise awareness on Open Data principles in the land community at meetings, presentations, conferences and events.

    • Design and deliver (on- and offline) training to data and information providers and others to ensure wider adoption of Open Data principles by information providers in the sector. 

    • Provide ad-hoc support and proactive advice to (local) partners to improve their data-sharing practices and adoption of FAIR principles;

  5. Support Land Portal’s work to promote and enrich land data standards and monitor standard uptake

    • Oversee and stimulate the continued development, enhancement and uptake of LandVoc, including participating in meetings of the AGROVOC editorial community;

    • Organizing specific events, raising awareness and building capacities to take up standards.

    • Develop a system to monitor FAIR principles adoption by land data providers.

Qualifications and skills

The successful candidate will be assessed against the following:


  • University Education (Masters level or higher, or equivalent) in Information Science, Information management, or other relevant fields;

  • Proven experience in data management;

  • Excellent project management skills;

  • Knowledge about open data, data sharing technologies and standards such as metadata standards, semantic web and linked data;

  • Fluency (native level) in English. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset;

  • 5-10 year of relevant work experience;

  • Excellent computer skills;

  • Superior attention to detail;

  • Good drafting, communicating and presenting abilities;

  • Strong knowledge of land governance related issues and land data landscape;

  • Experience working as part of an international distributed, remote team; 

  • Disciplined - good at managing time and supervising other people;.

  • Strong capacity to work in a team, autonomously, and respect tight deadlines.

Personal and Professional Attributes

  • Inclusive and effective communication skills and techniques with an ability to respectfully engage with, and communicate concepts to others;

  • High standard of ethics and integrity which inspires trust and confidence; 

  • Enthusiasm and commitment to sustained effort through diligence and pursuit of high standards; 

  • Commitment to ongoing personal and professional development which drives best practice. 

  • Proactively utilizes initiative, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement; 

  • Strong collaborative skills which enable effective engagement within a high functioning, cohesive team; 

  • Ability to employ sound judgment and decision making amongst competing demands; 

  • Ability to show initiative in planning and developing new ideas and approaches, and to implement and communicate change effectively;

  • Problem-solving attitude;

  • Diplomacy, team spirit and willingness to take initiative;

  • Ability to meet strict deadlines. 


The Land Information Management & Advocacy Officer will report directly to the Land Portal Team Leader and will be accountable to the Board of the Land Portal Foundation. The Land Information Management & Advocacy Officer will report time spent against the ToRs every month in the Land Portal Foundation’s Timesheets; will develop weekly and quarterly work plans and report accordingly..


This position is home-based and will be staffed on a full-time consultancy basis for a year following a probationary period of 3 months. The contract may be renewed upon successful delivery of services and funding availability and could eventually be upgraded into an employment contract. The position may require some travel. The official language for this position is English. The salary level will depend on experience and seniority.


How to apply?

Please send your curriculum vitae (CV) and a cover letter explaining your interests and qualifications (addressed to Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Team Leader) no later than 19 March, 2021 at midnight CET or email your cover letter and CV to CLOSED APPLICATION

Please write “Land Data Advocacy & Management Officer –  Job Application” as the subject of the email.

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