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In 2008, Kepa established an office in Bangkok to initiate its programme in the Mekong Region - Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2010, the Thai authorities gave the official permit for Kepa to operate a regional office. In september 2015 Kepa board decided to close the Mekong office due to the budget cuts by the government of Finland. Kepa Mekong has closed its doors by the end of January in 2016.

Kepa focuses on three themes in its programme: global economic policy, climate justice and issues in development cooperation. All these themes are relevant for the Mekong countries. The opening up of economies in Vietnam, Lao PDR and Cambodia has ushered these countries into various regional and international trade agreements. Similarly, ambitious development programmes of the Mekong countries are attracting development finance of various types: public and private; traditional and emergent.

Finally, all the countries in the region, and particularly the rice producing areas in the Mekong delta and the megacities of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are increasingly facing serious threats due to sea level rise and other manifestations of climate change.

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December, 2015

In this paper, Kepa publishes reflections on the state of civil society in Laos. These reflections, based on Kepa’s own work with its partners, member organisations and their partners in the country, provide an overview and highlight some current issues and developments in the role of civil society organisations.

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