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We are pleased to announce the opening of a public consultation on a land governance module as part of the Global Data Barometer.

What is the Global Data Barometer?

The Global Data Barometer maps the extent to which data is governed, shared, and used for the public good. It focuses on transversal issues of sustainable development, inclusion, gender and diversity, and emerging artificial intelligence practices. The Barometer is organized around four pillars: data governance, data capabilities, data availability, and data use and impact, based on a collaboratively designed survey. The Barometer fills critical knowledge gaps on how data policy and practice are unfolding in different sectors, regions, and countries. It builds on the Open Data Barometer, which has been used to drive policymaking, advocacy, and academic research across the world.

The Land Portal Foundation and the Global Data Barometer have collaborated to develop a Land Governance Module within the Global Data Barometer, with the objective of gaining a clear view on how land data is managed, made available and used around the world. 

We are inviting feedback on the draft of the Land Governance module until March 15th, 2020 on the selection of indicators and the draft research guidance in tracking governance, availability and use of data related to land governance in the upcoming survey.

How will the Land Module be used?

The Land Portal will be able to use the output from this module to construct a high-level overview of land data availability and accessibility, supporting advances in the debate over land data. In addition, the data gathered may support policy makers to strengthen data digitization, ensure strategic decisions are taken on data evidence and identify data gaps and ways to solve them and layout data goals. Moreover, the data is likely to help international donor organizations or private companies  to decide in which countries to invest funds or gain a better understanding of what kind of data they might find from grassroots organizations. Additionally, it will empower civil society to understand how countries treat land data and what they can demand to address tenure conflicts, informal settlements and environmental issues. 

Provide feedback on the Land Governance Module!

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