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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danish: Udenrigsministeriet) and its overseas representations (i.e. the Danish embassies, diplomatic missions, consulates and trade offices) are in charge of the Kingdom's (The unity of the Realm: Denmark (proper), Greenland, Faroe Islands) foreign policy and relations. Among these tasks are policy towards the Arctic Council, European Union, Nordic Council, development aid, trade policy and legal affairs in relation to the outside world.

June 2013

The Order applies to the application for appointing survey and cadaster land inspectors. These requests shall be submitted to the National Survey and Cadaster authorities in order to obtain professional international authorization of duty qualification.

Northern Europe

The provisions in this Order apply to the specific financial support granted to farmers. Extensive farming in eligible areas where single payment scheme for the limited use of nitrogen and without the use of plant protection procedures applies, may be used for organic agricultural production.

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