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Comparing investments in the Lao Tea Sector: Concessions, contracts, and outcomes for smallholder farmers
Reports & Research
January 2023

Most tea in Laos is produced by smallholder farmers, who benefit from highly suitable growing conditions and strong demand for sought-after varieties from the vast Chinese market. However, the sector faces many challenges to achieve its full potential.

Formalizing tenure of Indigenous lands
Journal Articles & Books
December 2022

Across the globe, the legal land rights and tenure of many Indigenous peoples are yet to be recognized. A growing body of research demonstrates that tenure of Indigenous lands improves livelihoods and protects forests in addition to inherently recognizing human rights.

mplementation of pasture leasing rights for mobile pastoralists in Azerbaijan
Journal Articles & Books
September 2015

Our study focuses on pasture reform in Azerbaijan within the context of transition and pasture reform in Central Asian and Caucasian countries. Despite the rapid emergence of individualised rights for pasture plots, which is an exceptional development in this region, pasture reform in Azerbaijan has received little attention in the scientific literature.

Azerbaijan Moving towards more diversified, resilient, and inclusive development
Journal Articles & Books
August 2020

Azerbaijan has set the course for the economy to reduce its dependence on oil by promoting new drivers of growth. This publication emphasizes the need for diversification, particularly in the agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. By 2025, under the Strategic Roads Maps of the Government of Azerbaijan, a more diversified economy should take shape led by these three sectors.

Strengthening Functional Urban Regions in Azerbaijan
Reports & Research
December 2018

This publication helps guide investment planning and financing across key urban infrastructure sectors of Azerbaijan. It aims to improve the performance of cities—with a focus on economy, equity, and environment. The National Urban Assessment for Azerbaijan is among a series prepared by ADB for selected developing countries under its Urban Operational Plan 2012–2020.

BTI 2022 Country Report Azerbaijan
Reports & Research
May 2022

During the reporting period, the consolidation of authoritarian rule in Azerbaijan continued. Snap parliamentary elections in February 2020 did not meet international standards for free and fair competition. However, some notorious high-ranking state officials were fired, and corrupt local level administrators detained on corruption charges.

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