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Growing business interest in agricultural investment in low and middle-income countries continues to be matched by governments seeking to attract foreign investment to promote economic development. Responsible land-based investment is an important entry point into inclusive agri-business; but the types of relationship that agribusinesses forge with value chain actors and other stakeholders across a series of factors beyond land governance also determine to what extent agri-business investment can be inclusive.

LEGEND outputs explore these relationships and how they can be enhanced to strengthen inclusiveness, drawing on practical examples from different countries.

Land governance and inclusive business in agriculture: advancing the debate

Reports & Research

October, 2018


This report reviews the idea of inclusiveness in agricultural investments and analyses what ‘inclusiveness’ means to different value chain actors.

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 8

Agribusiness and land rights: turning good intentions into tangible change

Policy Papers & Briefs

August, 2017


This LEGEND bulletin explores the relationship between agribusiness and land rights. It features articles on the power of local engagement for financial investment, using technology for mapping rights, and catalysing private sector respect for community land rights.

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 12

Inclusive business and agriculture: what are we learning from the field?

Policy Papers & Briefs

January, 2019


This bulletin distils lessons from a sugarcane cooperative in Malawi and a forestry investment scheme in Sierra Leone, drawing on the five pillars of inclusive business as identified in the 2018 LEGEND state of the debate report.