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Since 2015, LEGEND has provided core funding to the Land Portal to create a vibrant and diverse online community that contributes web content, shares information, es and uses open data on land to increase transparency and good practice and influence land policy at all levels. As part of the LEGEND programme, the Land Portal works through its widely used platform to deliver structured information, tools and services; enrich global debate, promote good practice and strengthen  stakeholder capacity to use land governance related information and form functional networks by developing awareness, skills, and standards-based infrastructure.  

A range of tools have been created: 

  • VGGT portfolio:  A portfolio of web materials on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT) were designed  to answer a need for better understanding on both global and local challenges including information on country-level implementation of VGGT principles.  This provides a tool to navigate a plethora of resources, data and information related to implementation and monitoring of the VGGT. 

  • The Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator: (link is external) The Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator aims to help private sector stakeholders identify and access the practical tools and guides that are most relevant to their work. It offers a wide selection of resources on a variety of topics related to supporting responsible land investment for operating companies, lenders and investors, buyers, service providers and legal advisors.

  • Thematic portfolio on land and investments:  Brings together information, data and resources concerning land tenure and land-based investments, including existing international standards and  the ongoing initiatives, challenges and lessons learned. This includes the lessons from recent LEGEND partnership projects and other pilots in sub-Saharan Africa and ongoing initiatives aimed at increasing investment transparency.  


Browse Our New Section on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure.

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