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Community / Land projects / 2017 Myanmar Programme

2017 Myanmar Programme


01/17 - 12/17


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In Myanmar, Caritas Denmark works with the local partner Karuna Mission Solidarity Services (KMSS) to further sustainable agricultural development, strengthening of civil society at the community level as well as advocacy promoting the rights of poor agricultural communities through organisation and training of community groups. During 2017-2021 Caritas Denmark will continue to work in seven dioceses, where programme activities have been implemented since 2005. The focus for the period will be to strengthen the human rights-based approach in the programme. The aim is to address the rights issues that are affecting the rural poor farmers and their livelihood such as the politically sensitive land rights issue. Further, Caritas Denmark will take a stronger approach in programme design and planning to address climate change through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures as most farmers’ livelihoods in Myanmar are affected by altered seasonal changes in weather and natural occurrences/disasters not previously experienced. This will be undertaken in a nexus of development-humanitarian interventions.


Theme 1: Strengthening Family Livelihoods: Immediate Objective: To strengthen joint initiatives taken by poor rural families to pursue their right to be food secure and to have sustainable livelihoods. Theme 2: Strengthening Rural Organization: Immediate Objective: To strengthen community based organizations, and emerging networks of organized rural populations in supporting local livelihoods and securing equal access to basic rights through active engagement of local decision makers. Theme 3: Strengthening Rural Development: Immediate Objective: To strengthen community based organizations’ and their CSO partners’ advocacy on a national level for an inclusive sustainable development in rural areas.