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Community / Land projects / 2022-25 DEV Uganda - CAPCA

2022-25 DEV Uganda - CAPCA


02/22 - 12/25


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Overall objective of the country programme 2022-25: Strengthen the resilience, social cohesion and living conditions of the populations in Uganda confronted with the effects of the multifaceted crisis by enhancing sustainable food production, increased income, and their capacity to act as change agents of own and community welfare. The long-term changes (outcomes) of the country engagement 2022-2025: 1. Farmer cooperatives, local partners and national advocacy platforms are voicing interests of small-scale farmers, refugees, and youths on issues of relevance to them, including climate change adaptation, land rights and access of women and refugees, youth employment and easy market certification of value-added produce 2. Small-scale farmers have increased sustainable production and sale of produce through organised farming and climate smart techniques 3. Increased access and use of innovative green technology solutions reducing deforestation and wood fuel dependence among refugee, host, and vulnerable households 4. Youth and women are empowered and have gained increased influence through leadership positions, school peace clubs, the national youth-led advocacy platform (NYAP) and promotion of gender equity 5. All direct local partners (incl. at diocesan level) comply with CIMS and /or CHS 6. Local partners take lead and have increased influence at the international sphere