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Community / Land projects / AFCC2/RI -Support to NPCA TerrAfrica Secretariat

AFCC2/RI -Support to NPCA TerrAfrica Secretariat


06/14 - 02/19


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The PDO is to strengthen capacity at NEPAD Agency to support TerrAfrica member countries on knowledge management and actions forscal ing up Sustainable Land and Water Management (SLWM).The project objectives have been further specified along the project’s three components:Component 1, Support for Regional Coalition Building: Support NEPAD Agency to reinforce the regional coalition that aligns assistance to countries on SLWM and related issues.Component 2, Support for Mutual Learning Among Member Countries: Support NEPAD Agency's mandate to meet country demand for knowledge and best practice tools to improve land management and climate resilience while maintaining natural capital to reinforce on-going investment operations in countries, as well as national and secto r development planning.Component 3, Support for Member Countries' SLWM Investment Planning:Strengthen NEPAD Agency's role in mee ting country demand for expertise and tools to develop and implement SLWM work programs and national SLWM investment frameworks.

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