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Community / Land projects / AFCE- COFFEE VALUE CHAIN



04/18 - 03/19


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This project is a 1 year initiative that will be implemented by Agency For Community Empowerment. This is to support the ongoing work under the the Irish Aid funded project. The project will cover the entire coffee value chain and systematically tackling the challenges facing small holder coffee farmers in West Nile. The key objectives the project seeks to address are to; Strengthen coffeefarmer organizations for effective and collective coffee businesses, Set up the basics for farmers to improve their coffee quality, quantity, Support farmer organizations market their coffee for the best possible price, Empower women farmers in their path to full participation in coffee, as farmers, owners and leaders AFCE under this project will support farmersto acquire skills on DisasterRisk Reduction, doing market research and availing farmers with market information, establishment of coffee nursery beds as an alternative source of income for the coffee farmers and finally conducting community dialogues to influence women land rights. All this will be done to ensure that women coffee farmers are economically empowered and have sustained livelihoods.

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