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Community / Land projects / AFPPD Scoping Study for JRAS

AFPPD Scoping Study for JRAS


12/13 - 03/14


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The main purpose of the paper is to inform the development of an advocacy strategy focusing on engagement with Parliamentarians that will contribute to policy influencing on food, population and climate justice issues in five select countries of South Asia. The planned meeting will be the preparatory meeting to set up the Forum which aims to contribute to the outcome of building movements toshare good policies and practices at South Asia level resulting in improved national level policy processes related to climate change and legislation of the Right to Food (linking land rights and water). One way to achieve this is through engaging with formal power structures by forming and scaling up alliances with Members of Parliament (Parliamentarians) from country up to regional level. ARegional Forum of Parliamentarians in South Asia will be set up later on to promote joint lobby and advocacy with key Members of Parliament (MPs) from different SA countries and linkage to civil society. -- The Study is a preparation for the Parliamentarian Forum, which would help people affected by food insecurity, climate change and land grabs in South Asia to have a say - through the improved relations between the NGOs, CSOs representing their rights and the Parliamentarians - in the preparation and implementation of new national laws related to different areas of the GROW campaign - Experiences shared from each country at a regional level will support new ways of reaching government and policy makers to achieve GROW objectives in the other countries

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