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Community / Land projects / Agricultural Intensification and Value-Enhancing Support Project (PAIVA-B)

Agricultural Intensification and Value-Enhancing Support Project (PAIVA-B)


07/09 - 12/19


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Donor's contribution: European Union: US$ 6.00 million World Food Programme: US$ 4.66 million Other funding: US$ 2.50 million The project was designed in a post-crisis context, and it aims to contribute to the fight against poverty among the 30,000 most vulnerable households, in the six provinces north and east of the capital Bujumbura: Cibitoke, Kayanza, Karusi, Bubanza, Muramvya, Gitega and to develop organized and sustainable family farming to allow small-scale rural producers to increase their incomes. Measures will be taken to combat erosion and integrate crops and livestock, the use of pesticides and agricultural intensification. Land and natural resource governance related activities aim to strengthen the land tenure security owned or held by household; to strengthen the security of land tenure of individuals and groups who have access to State-owned marsh lands. The project aims to spread the relevant provisions of the Land Code, the Environmental Code and the law on public water resources. Women will have priority access to rehabilitated wetlands and those developed by the project.