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Community / Land projects / Agro-pastoral Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (PEA)

Agro-pastoral Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (PEA)


02/15 - 03/21


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The programme aims to support young people in creating and managing successful agro-pastoral businesses and to promote a policy, organizational and institutional framework conducive to the creation and development of agro-pastoral businesses among young people. The programme will directly benefit 10,000 households in four regions: Centre, South, Littoral and Northwest, accounting for about 40% of the youth population living in rural areas in Cameroon. It is expected that about 4,700 agro-pastoral businesses will be created and about 350 existing businesses will be further developed. On land and natural resource governance, the programme plans to work at the local and national level to provide youth, especially young rural women, with secure access to land, and also support all beneficiaries in obtaining property titles. It will work to this end with the Ministry in charge of land affairs and with local authorities. These actions will be accompanied by consultations between landowners and local administrative institutions and by sensitization campaigns and advocacy for a more favourable framework for access to land by young people. Ideally these will result in negotiations between landowners and land users, and in the signing of a property charter recognized and respected by all stakeholders.