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Community / Land projects / Boititap Korenyo: The Wealth of Our Land

Boititap Korenyo: The Wealth of Our Land


09/20 - 04/21


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This collaboration enables the Ogiek people in Kenya's Mount Elgon to combine their immense knowledge and skills in managing their customary land with new community-based Geographic Information Science (GIS) technologies. The project employs a revolutionary tech-based solution called MAPEO, which enables them to collect and leverage data describing land and resource use in order to defend andadvance their land rights. The project aims to: # Build the Ogiek#s capacity to map and monitor their ancestral lands. # Reduce the Ogiek#s marginalisation through increasing their ability to advocate for themselves in local and national platforms with government and other officials. # Secure greater land tenure for the Ogiek through the existing legal mechanisms in Kenya, reduce territorialconflict with neighbouring communities, and increase internal fluency on territory issues for indigenous people. The project is implemented by a consortium lead by the Chepkitale Indigenous Peoples Development Project (CIPDP), as a representative organisation of the Ogiek people of Mount Elgon. CIPDP has been working on land rights issues for a number of years, and since 2010 with Forest Peoples Programme on issues including capacity development for policy influencing and strategic institutional support; GIS training; responsible finance; and networking with neighbouring communities. Digital Democracy is a long term partner of FPP, having collaborated with them in Latin America providing technical support and local partner training in mapping and land defense technologies in theAmazon.

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