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Community / Land projects / Burkina Faso Country Program

Burkina Faso Country Program


02/18 - 04/19


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Burkina Faso is a Least Developed Country. The country’s economic performance is adversely affected by recurrent political unrest, persistent decline in commodity prices and vulnerability to climate shocks. Burkina Faso’s economy is heavily dependent on natural resources and has experienced considerable loss in natural resources, from land degradation to a fall in water resources, soil erosion and deforestation.The country’s new development strategy – (Program for National Economic and Social Development – PNDES) – aims to reverse environmental degradation trends and ensure sustainable management of natural resources. In this regard, PNDES implementation guidelines include Improved environmental governance and the mainstreaming of green economy perspectives in development policies. The Government of Burkina Faso (GoBF) set a specific objective within PNDES articulated as follow: mitigation and adaptation capacities to the adverse effects of climate change are reinforced to ensure an effective transition to the green economy. Building on the outcomes of the meetings and GoBF priorities, GGGI focuses on three areas (to be adjusted when the Country Planning Framework is elaborated in 2018): i) sustainable landscape and scaling up of eco-villages development model, ii) green cities devvelopment and iii) inclusive green growth capacity development.


The project aims to support Green Growth transition through the greening of the current flagship program (PNDES) taking account the national priorities and aligned to GGGI’s strategic outcomes.