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Community / Land projects / Butana Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRDP)

Butana Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRDP)


07/08 - 09/16


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The project aims to improve in a sustainable manner the livelihoods and resilience to drought of 40,000 poor rural households in the region of Butana. Specifically it aims to establish an effective governance framework that ensures regulated access to land and water resources. It further aims to improve the access and bargaining position of women and men in the marketing of livestock and builds the capacity of community-based organizations to engage in environmentally sound, socially and gender equitable development initiatives. With regard to the goal of the establishment of the governance framework to ensure regulated access to land and water resources, the project intends to support the development of a herding, grazing and farming legislation to promote a regulated access regime to natural resources and provides a capacity building programme of community organization on communal land management.