Capacity Building for Improvement in Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia Herzegovina (CILAP) | Land Portal
Contact information: 
Nedim Bukvic, Embassy Sweden in Sarajevo, +38733276052 <>

Geographical focus

The “Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – CILAP project, is a long term project aimed to build capacity and transfer knowledge with the overall objective to increase the effectiveness and reliability of land administration processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the beginning CILAP project is planned, described and approved for six (6) years period with the goal to support geodetic authorities in BH during the whole implementation period of Real Estate Registration Project (RERP), funded by World Bank loan.

The Project contributes to expected long- term impact:
-By efficient land administration contribute to economic and social development, sustainable market and usage of real estates, and BiH accession to EU.
The expected impact will be reached if the project main goal is fulfilled, and it is:
-Confidence in Geodetic Authorities in BiH strengthened through delivering of efficient services and providing of secure and reliable information to the customers.

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