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Community / Land projects / CLEC Land and Labor Program 2013-2015

CLEC Land and Labor Program 2013-2015


01/13 - 12/15


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The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) was created in 1996 as a legal resource center and firstly operated as an arm of the University Of San Francisco School Of Law, and then registered as local NGO in 2001 for more effectively promoting the rule of law, justice, and democracy in Cambodia. Under the CLEC#s new strategic plan 2013-2015, ONL supports two CLEC#s programs, mainly Land <(>&<)> Natural Resource Program (LNRP) and Labor Program (LP). LNRP activities mainly aimed to decrease the violation of therights and access to LNR and increase the accountability and transparency of LNR governance in Cambodia. The LP activities aimed to address the labor exploitation, labor trafficking, improve the labor law enforcement and labor regulations development. Toachieve the said goals, the empowerment activities are vital for CLEC which combine legal awareness, training, legal aid services and advocacy supports. Its training is designed for a wide range of target groups including local communities, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations and NGOs staffs from grass-root to national levels. CLEC has been involved in advocacy on a number of significant law reform issues including the 2001 Land Law, the sub-decree on indigenous communal land titling, establishment of the Arbitration Council, the election dispute resolution process, the drafting of the Peaceful Assembly Law, and commentary and review of numerous pieces of legislation.

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