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Community / Land projects / Climate Justice AACJ South Africa

Climate Justice AACJ South Africa


05/21 - 12/25


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The AACJ consortium in South Africa will develop broad alliances on climate justice by uniting movements that represent impacted communities with organizations and campaigns that advance climate justice and challenge extractive industries’ impact on the environment. The consortium will develop the capacity of local organizations to increase their autonomy and ability to self-organize as a transversal grass-roots movement, including by facilitating the development of common agendas and a unified voice between CSOs and climate justice activists, particularly women, youth, indigenous people and local communities (Pathway 1 and 2). The AACJ consortium will work with local/ impacted communities to i) challenge unjust policies and practices that are currentlyin place, such as governmentsupport for fossil fuel energy and land grabs; and ii) support and promote policy reform for climate justice, including mainstreaming of environmental issues throughout government and public policy (Pathway 5). Activities include training indigenous people, women, youth and local communities to increase climate-related knowledge and participation in policy procedures. The programme will also support local communities and environmental defenders to articulate and defend theirenvironmental and land rights, through legal empowerment and support (Pathway 3). Finally, the programme will document best practices on climate-related traditional knowledge and customary practices, for example through participatory action research and provide spaces for sharing, co-creation and promotion/ advocacy (Pathway 4).

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