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CO- AgriMulheres


01/17 - 12/21


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This project (2017-2021) has the objective of increasing the agricultural incomes generated and managed by the rural women of Nampula province through their insertion in local and sustainable agricultural production of horticulture (vegetables). It will strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations particularly women associations and women / girls in three rural districts (Malema, Ribaue and Monapo) of Nampula province to balance power relations between men and women and to influence the implementation of agricultural policies to facilitate women#s small-scale farmers access to technical and management training, production resources and access markets (vegetables supply chain). The project has 5 Mozambican civil society partners and 7 other stakeholders (Mozambican and international organizations and civil society platform, university research center, private sector). The expected results are the strengthening and security and protection of women's land access, the development of influence strategies to promote women's rights and interests in the implementation of agricultural policies, the creation of favorable conditions for the promotion of women in the supply chain of vegetables of and strengthening the capacities of civil society actors in Nampula province for advocate for more investment in agriculture focusing women small scale farmers. The target groups will be 1200 women small scale farmers, 2300 men and women from rural communities, 100 employees and members of partner organizations. The indirect beneficiaries will be 10,000 small scalefarmers in Nampula province. In its role of Executing Affiliate, Oxfam Novib offers support on capacity building to all affiliates who contribute to Oxfam's strategic program in Mozambique; This includes: capacity development (5C methodology, GAL methodology) hiring staff, renting offices, managing human resources and finances. This guaranteed role for all affiliates in the country contributes to greater efficiency.

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