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Community / Land projects / Communications Evidence and Learning (CEL)

Communications Evidence and Learning (CEL)


01/18 - 01/23


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The CEL contract—managed by the E3/Land and Urban Office—is a broad, multi-faceted support mechanism available for field Missions and USAID/Washington operating units to buy into for activities through May 2023. CEL can provide short- and long-term technical assistance, analytical services, and field implementation across six primary domains: 1. Evaluations – from simple performance evaluations to complex, rigorous impact evaluations; 2. Research – both primary research and secondary, desk research; 3. Assessments – targeted assessments available from subject matter experts across a wide variety of disciplines; 4. Pilots – limited on-the-ground implementation of field activities to test promising approaches or technologies; 5. Communications and Knowledge Management – strategic communications planning, digital storytelling, website management, and support for knowledge sharing events and webinars; 6. Training – including in-person and online training programs and workshops