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Community / Land projects / Community Based Integrated Natural Resources Management Project (CBINRMP)

Community Based Integrated Natural Resources Management Project (CBINRMP)


03/11 - 03/17


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The project aims to enhance the access of poor rural people to natural resources such as land and water, and to introduce improved technologies for agricultural production, mainly through sustainable land management. The project targets the Lake Tana watershed benefiting 450,000 households, it establishes and strengthens community-based organizations involving them in decision making, and promotes off-farm employment opportunities. On land and natural resource governance, the project supports the Community-Based Resource Management (CBRM) giving communities the lead role in watershed planning and management. It provides support for land administration, certification and registration; and rehabilitation of degraded lands. Motivators for community participation will include training, access to secure land rights, the right to manage and exploit common assets and increased use of indigenous knowledge, practices and institutions for natural resource management. The project ensures also access to land and security of tenure to women heads of households.