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Community / Land projects / Counterpart 506989 Cambodian Human Right

Counterpart 506989 Cambodian Human Right


01/16 - 12/16


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The Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee (CHRAC) was established in 1994 by a group of local NGOs in order to promote human rights, democracy, rule of law and peace in Cambodia. CHRAC is currently a coalition of 22 local neutral, non-partisan, non-governmentalorganizations in Cambodia. With this project, CHRAC aims to empower men and women to be vibrant rights holders in claiming for their land and natural resource rights; and just and strong legal systems enacted and enforced. CHRAC is expected to 1/ make Cambodian community people, especially land affected community people to become vibrant right holders to seek for remedy, 2/to make the communities# concerns on land and natural resource issues heard by relevant state authority and other competent authorities, 3/ To ensure land dispute resolutions are found in a just manner, 4/To ensure land law, policy and regulation on land and natural resource are fully enforced and right to land and natural resource are fully protected and 5/To make critical fundamental laws on judicial system incountry revisited and reviewed and advocacy to have law on land reclassification in order for the protection of the land rights.

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