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Data for Sustainable Development Goals


01/17 - 12/20


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This is a project where the Norwegian Mapping Authority, SSB and our respective counterparts in Kyrgyzstan will work together in a joint effort to further improve the efficiency of the Kyrgyz institutions, especially in the field of using maps and register information for production and dissemination of statistics. Experience from Norway has shown that both types of organisations gain from working together, and monitoring and reporting on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires cooperation between data owners, producers of maps and producers of statistics. Background SRS/DCR has spearheaded major reforms to the land sector in Kyrgyzstan. Impressively, it takes only one day to register a sale or a mortgage. However, there is no solution for distribution of maps via Internet, which is vital for statistical purposes. Maps are currently not easily available and used for preparation of statistics in Kyrgyzstan. Kartverket, SRS and DCR will work closely together with Statistics Norway (SSB) and the National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan (NSC) to integrate geospatial data to serve statistical needs in line with Objective 3.4 of the Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data. Kyrgyzstan also lacks up-to-date photomaps. The current photomaps in use are made in 2002 and do not show changes that occurred since that time. There is an urgent need for new photomaps that are produced from aerial imagery. Likewise, up-to-date line maps in vector form do not currently exist. Such maps are especially needed for Bishkek. The project will ensure access to maps via a national Geoportal (to be developed in the project), inter alia, to provide geographic data for statistical purposes. A main goal of the project is to prepare geographic data (maps) needed for production of statistical data supporting implementation and reporting on Sustainable Development Goals for Kyrgyzstan. This project should be considered as a component to a well-coordinated and integrated effort on strengthening the capabilities of Kyrgyz governmental institutions to provide maps and statistical data for sustainable development. The coordinated efforts will also facilitate use of the various registers at the State Registration Service for production of statistics. Activities 1.Making geographic information available for statistical purposes: ◦Collection of existing maps to support statistics nationwide. Existing maps will be collected, analyzed, upgraded if needed, and stored in a format suitable for distribution online via the geoportal, inter alia, to be used for statistical purposes ◦Development of principles, standards and procedures for data sharing between respective data-holders in Kyrgyzstan. ◦Development of a geoportal for distribution of data. The activity will start with specifying the requirements. 2.Production of photomaps and line maps: ◦Aerial photography and photomap production for 20 000 km2 including Bishkek and surrounding areas, settlements around Issyk-Kul Lake and in Fergana Valley. ◦Preparation of line maps for Bishkek, 150 km2. The line maps will be prepared using the same aerial images as prepared for the photomaps. ◦Quality control of deliverables. All data delivered is subject to quality control, which will be executed by SRS/DCR assisted by Kartverket and with potential support from the State Geodetic Institute in Kyrgyzstan “Goskartographia”. ◦Development of a solution for efficient distribution of photomaps online via the geoportal. 3.Capacity building, public awareness campaign ◦A number of training courses for technical personnel will be held in Norway and Kyrgyzstan, supporting all activities of the project ◦Public awareness campaign will promote the institutional cooperation between Kyrgyz authorities on sharing data and making data available for distribution via the geoportal as well as targeting users of geo-information.