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Community / Land projects / Duhuze Rwanda CMM

Duhuze Rwanda CMM


07/17 - 06/20


This project is part of


Establish and promote mechanisms for restoring and strengthening the unity and reconciliation of Rwandans, which in turn will support USAID's overall goal of accelerating Rwanda's progress to middle income status and better quality of life through sustained growth and reduction of poverty. Applications must incorporate a people to people approach and focus on one or more of the following areas: - consolidate citizen's ownership of unity and reconciliation processes - use home grown solutions to strengthen social cohesion and advocate for the empowerment of vulnerable groups within Rwandan society - land dispute management in order to reduce land related conflicts (80% of all conflicts in Rwanda relate to land issues) and promote social cohesion


1. Enhanced psychosocial support for people inclusive of youth affected by transgenerational trauma in target communities 2. Improved trust among diverse groups through inclusive dialogues and joint economic initiatives 3. Enhanced capacities of authorities, CSOs and private sector to effectively implement the reconciliation policy and build peace

Target Groups

Young people, women land owners, local government authorities (particularly those working on implementing land reform)