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Community / Land projects / EC Land Rights for Liberia project

EC Land Rights for Liberia project


01/17 - 01/20


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The overall objective of the project is to contribute to secure land tenure for poor and marginalised women and youth across 40 communities in Nimba, Lofa, Bong and Margibi counties in Liberia. To achieve this overall objective, two specific objectives have been developed: Specific Objective 1: To improve the system of land tenure and demarcation in favour of marginalised women and youth; Specific Objective 2: To promote land ownership for poor and marginalised women and youth using conflict-sensitive approaches. The project estimated results include: 1. Increased number of land with title deeds (community-led land demarcation) for women and youth; 2. Communities, in particular women and youth, are aware of their rights on land tenure and how to access the necessary services to legalise land possession; 3. Civil Society Organisations are better equipped to support communities on land rights issues; 4. A conflict sensitive approach is mainstreamed throughout formal and informal land entitlement proceedings.