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Community / Land projects / Emergency Food Security and Rural Development Programme (EFSRDP / PUSADER)

Emergency Food Security and Rural Development Programme (EFSRDP / PUSADER)


02/11 - 03/14


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The aim of the programme was to support the improvement of food security of approximately 121,000 households in the most food-insecure rural areas in the regions of Tahoua, Maradi and Tillabery, by restoring and developing their production capacity. The programme gives special attention to poor farmer and herder households that are highly exposed to recurrent food and livestock crises in the three targeted regions by developing and re-vegetating 400 ha of land and creating two grazing paths of about 90 km in the department of Aguié in the Maradi region. The programme supported the development of two pastoral areas of 300 ha in the department of Madarounfa (Maradi region) and the rehabilitation of 3000 ha of degraded lands. Land and natural resource governance related interventions provided support for negotiations of social agreements by which the owners were willing to allocate parcels to the most vulnerable groups. In the Maradi region this type of land agreements allow women's access to arable land.