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Community / Land projects / Family Farming Development Programme in Maradi, Tohoua and Zinder Regions (PRODAF)

Family Farming Development Programme in Maradi, Tohoua and Zinder Regions (PRODAF)


09/15 - 09/23


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The programme aims to help sustainably guarantee food and nutrition security and rural households' resilience to crises in the Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder regions. It aims to increase the income of 290,000 farmer households, their resilience to external shocks, including climate change, and their access to local, urban and regional markets. Sustainable land and watershed management practices will improve water infiltration in the aquifer, reduce erosion and silting, and will thus help to mitigate the constraints and effects of climate change in watershed areas. Activities address the recovery of 10,450 ha of degraded land and 7000 ha of watershed areas, the fixation of dunes around the basins on about 2000 ha and the development of 2500 ha of silvo-pastoral area. Further it is planned to develop a small-scale irrigation system on 5000 ha land. With regard to natural resource governance, the programme will support the wide dissemination of the existing legislation, the assessment of the land tenure situation before and after programme interventions, the negotiation of sustainable management methods for the developed land and the formation or revitalization of community organizations. These activities will enhanced through the continuous support to Niger's Rural Code and to land commissions at different levels.