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Community / Land projects / FIDA INFLUenCING GRANT PROJECT



08/17 - 07/19


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The proposed project of FIDA is premised upon lessons gleaned and gaps identified during the implementation of the Promoting GenderJust Redress for Wartime Sexual Violations in Northern Uganda, and Accountability and Redress for Victims of Sexual Violence in Post Northern Uganda project, including the inadequacy of interventions targeting former abductees to address the needs of their children born while in captivity, limited interventions to address land issues faced by former abductees and children born in captivity and limited agency of the target group in public spaces. The project also seeks to augment the efforts of humanitarian agencies in northern Uganda who are supporting the large refugee population in the region by facilitating access to justice for one of the prevailing perverse human rights issues; sexual and gender based violence. Activities under this project are geared towards promoting the participation and voice of formerly abducted women and children born in captivity in public spaces; strengthening the legal and policy framework protecting land rights for former abductees and children born in captivity; and enhancing access to justice for refugeewomen and girls who are victims of sexual and gender based violence through community dialogues, media engagement, dialogue with policy makers and regulators, accountability forums with duty bearers, documentation of post conflict oral testimonies of experiences of the target group, training of refugee paralegals and building the capacity of local law enforcement agents to facilitate access to justice for refugee victims of SGBV among others. The interventions will strengthen social support structures for the target group, thereby reducing stigma, fostering reconciliation and peace building

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