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Community / Land projects / Freetown Urban Slums Initiative

Freetown Urban Slums Initiative


05/13 - 03/19


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Freetown slums are in a deplorable state with many areas devoid of piped water and any form of improved sanitation. Most houses are made of temporary building materials and settlements are vulnerable to flooding. Cholera is a recurrent hazard. Comic Relief funded a previous slum project (2008 – 2012) supporting communities in three slums to improve their quality of life. However, the need to make additional improvements within these settlements and to help others, still exists. This follow-on project intends to support young people, petty traders (particularly women) and other disadvantaged people living in 8 slums in Freetown. The project will provide vocational training and apprenticeships, affordable micro-credit loans and improvement of literacy, business and money management skills. It will also improve access to basic services, including water and improved drainage and provide hygiene training. The capacity of local community based organisations (CBOs) will be strengthened and support provided to improve advocacy skills, enhancing their ability to hold government to account. As a result there will be a healthier environment and increased incomes, especially for women, young people and other marginalised groups, leading to a better quality of life in the slums. In addition the project will promote advocacy relating to streamlining of land tenure systems and seek to influence planning and national housing policy.