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Golden Line


01/16 - 12/20


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The Golden Line programme strives to make mining policies and practices more gender-sensitive, increase women’s agency and create a supportive local environment, addressing practical and strategic barriers to women’s economic empowerment in ASGM communities in Ghana and Tanzania. Enhanced agency and control over their reproductive rights will contribute to women’s increased control over other resources. As other aspects, such as education and land ownership, are also crucial we will link with relevant actors addressing these barriers, and networks addressing improved gender equality in mining. The Golden Line programme applies three cross-cutting strategies: building women’s voice and agency to claim their rights; positive male involvement; and engaging communities to challenge existing gender norms and enhance social accountability.


1. Improved working conditions, including health and safety and equal pay for equal work, for women working in ASGM. 2. Increased abilities to engage in economic activities for all women in ASGM communities.

Target Groups

Women working in artisanal and small-scale gold mines (ASGMs) and surrounding communities