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Community / Land projects / HO-Civic Space & Aid 2019-2020

HO-Civic Space & Aid 2019-2020


01/19 - 12/20


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For many of our partners their space to operate has been reduced or is shrinking compared to the start of the Strategic Partnershipprogram. lt means that the space for people to speak out, organize themselves and act against poverty, inequality and injustice is shrinking in almost all countries where we work. The civic space assessments and strategies developed in 2018 at the country levels - especially Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Myanmar, OPTI and Cambodia- will be implemented, including actions to counter shrinking space by strengthening alliances and by linking national influencing to international efforts at the European Union and diplomatic channels. We will will continue to partner with Frontline Defenders to increase the capacity of our partnersand country offices on (digital) security and protection. Furthermore, we will continue our engagement with key alliances such as the global VUKA! coalition forcivic action. The already initiated action research will continue the coming year focusing onthree specific topics: (1) positive narratives to open civic space in Uganda and Niger; (2) exchange lessons across countries to counter the sharp increase in threats to land rights defenders; (3) share lessons from South Sudan on stretching civic spaceina conflict sensitive way.

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