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Community / Land projects / HO-RVO Pension Additional - ONL Comp.

HO-RVO Pension Additional - ONL Comp.


05/20 - 08/23


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The Convenant support facility is not a project but a facility where Oxfam Novib, on behalf of participating NGOs and trade unions,administers the facility. On an equal basis, Oxfam Novib also participates in the implementation of the Convenant. Specific knowledge brought in by Oxfam Novib refers to pensions in relation with gender, land rights, climate change and combat of corruption. This is the facility for additional activities that is administered separately from the general facility under A5723.The additional activities include four case studies partially implemented in Peru and Liberia, amongst others. The objective of the covenant is described, among other things, in chapter 1 of the covenant. With this Covenant, the Parties aim to prevent, mitigate and / or have remedied(or have remedied) negative consequences of investments by pension funds on society and the environment. The Parties want the agreement to fulfill the expectations for pension funds (PF) arising from the OECD guidelines and the UNGPs. In this Covenant, for example, the Parties seek cooperation in order to achieve a more sustainable society with due regard for everyone's responsibility and possibilities. The Parties have made agreements for this along a "Wide Track" and a "Deep Track". The aim of the Broad Track is to accelerate the implementation of the OECD guidelines and UNGPs throughout the sector with an approach that is applicable to all Dutch PFs. Agreements are made about this embedding in PF's policy, outsourcing to External Service Providers and monitoring and reporting by PF. In the Deep Track, the Parties involved work together on concrete Cases to mitigate and / or remedy the negative impact of companies in which PF invests. Cases with - in any case - a social component are chosen. This project supports the efforts of trade unions and NGOs in realizing concrete, executive activities resulting from their participation in the various SWG. SWG Themes; In this working group, the Parties will coordinate and work on the development, as well as highlighting and, where necessary, explaining substantive thematic frameworks, which can be used by the PF for the (further) development of their thematic policy. SWG Knowledge Sessions and Meetings: for the support of PF (and implementers) in the implementation of the Covenant. Initially, the knowledge sessionsare focused on the implementation of the Instrumentarium and the due diligence cycle in general. At a later stage, specialist knowledge sessions will follow with attention to specific due diligence steps (such as, for example, Recovery and Redress) and use of thematic examples to elaborate on the details and possible dilemmas surrounding the various due diligence steps. SWG Editing and Support: this SWG has the task ofupdating the Instrumentarium annually, and is also charged with providing support to PF and disseminatingthe Instrumentarium. SWG Cases: for each Case, an SWG will be compiled of interested Parties in the Case concerned. These SWG carryout a validationof the must-have criteria, draw up a cooperation plan that addresses, among other things, the joint objectives and strategy, the Engagement goals and questions (Asks) of the pension fund (concrete measures in relation to the negative impacts) , the rolesand responsibilities of the Parties, the planning and staffing. After approval of the cooperation plan by the Werkgroep DiepeSpoor, implementation will start. Annually, the SWG uses their Cases to identify and document strategic insights and lessons. Attheconclusion of Cases, a workshop is organized for this reflection with external experts, specifically examining policy implications.The Parties strive to document the lessons and insights about the Deep Track in publications. The SWG reports its final findings tothe Monitoring Committee and the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee in turn is considering these findings to draw up recommendations for the Broad Track activities. For example, the lessons learned from the Deep Track are included intheinstruments to be developed and / or their application.

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