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Community / Land projects / Indigenous Support Programme External Evaluation.

Indigenous Support Programme External Evaluation.


03/18 - 07/18


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The Indigenous Support Programme (ISP) was created in 2004 to guarantee indigenous rights to land use and demarcation, health, bi-lingual education and cultural preservation in the face of ineffective public policy implementation, the emerging threats of legal amendments that will adversely affect indigenous rights, the encroachment of indigenous lands by large-scale projects, and increasing changes in weather patterns due to climate change. CAFOD set up this programme with several organizations supporting them financially and technically. At each of its 3 year cycle, the program defined common work objectives. Throughout its existence, diverse factors influenced the composition of the Program, with the entry and exit of organisations. CAFOD set up the Several organisations supported financially and technically by CAFOD made up the ISP. At present, the ISP is made up of 4 organisations: Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR), Indigenous Missionary Council - Prelature of Tefé (CIMI-Tefé), Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY) and Socio-environmental Institute (ISA). Since its creation, the ISP went through 3 evaluations. The last one took place in 2013 and guided the construction of the latest cycle (2014-2018) involving 3 priority thematic axes, defined in agreement with the partners: (i) Territorial management and climate change; (ii) Indigenous rights and development threats; (iii) Institutional strengthening. Throughout this cycle, CAFOD financed 15 projects, totaling £634,673.37.