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Community / Land projects / Irrigation Development and Support Project

Irrigation Development and Support Project


04/11 - 12/16


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The project objective is to increase yields per hectare and value of diverse products marketed by smallholders benefitting from investments in irrigation in selected sites served by the project. To this end, the project has four components: (i) Irrigated Agricultural Support Services, (ii) Public Infrastructure; (iii) Private and Cooperative Investment; and (iv) Management and Coordination. On land tenure,the project will:(i)prepare a land use plan to specify/demarcate the areas dedicated for the different irrigation development models, and define the required land consolidation process and related transactions for target beneficiaries who will need to secure title deeds, and (ii)support necessary land demarcation, transfer and titling in each selected site in collaboration with the Provincial Authority, District Authority, Regional/District Agricultural officials and village headmen/ traditional chiefs.