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Community / Land projects / Labor Rights in Cambodia (LRIC)

Labor Rights in Cambodia (LRIC)


09/19 - 09/24


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(Cambodia): .FY 2021 funds will be used to strengthen labor rights as a means of advancing fundamental rights, improving representation of workers' interests in targeted sectors, strengthening links between workers and the larger civil society, and increasing the effectiveness of the Cambodian labor relation systems. This activity will advance traditional labor rights - collective bargaining, unionization, rights of assembly and information - and encourage effective approaches to restore space for union and civic organizations lost to government suppression. The activity will also train independent journalists to cover labor issues in Cambodia and make key labor data more accessible to journalists, unions, civil society organizations, and the public. This activity will support workers who are negatively affected by COVID-19, with an emphasis on bargaining with employers and government to maintain salaries, benefits, and protections which were compromised due to the pandemic. The activity will map foreign investment in Cambodia and its impacts on fundamental freedoms, land rights, labor rights, environment, and human trafficking...The LRIC activity supports USAID/Cambodia's CDCS 2020-2025 Development Objective 3, "Human rights protected and government accountability advanced" by promoting fair labor practices and strengthening the protection of workers' rights. This activity will also contribute more specifically to the Intermediate Result 3.1, "Strengthened defense of constitutional and other legal rights." This activity falls under "Renewing and Championing Democracy and Human Rights'' of the Administration's priorities..