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Community / Land projects / Land Conflict Resolution in Koh Kong

Land Conflict Resolution in Koh Kong


05/19 - 12/19


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Land Conflict Resolution in Koh Kong project will secure the land rights and fare compensation of affected community Sugarcane Industry in Cambodia. The Koh Kong cases (i.e. the dispute in Sre Ambel) is well-known, and part of Oxfam influencing work overthe past years. The project can be considered high-impact, as it will provide land rights to people, and will close the #loop# on an intense local-to-global influencing strategy that also prompted Coca Cola and others to improve their policies (through the Behind the Brands Campaign), and urgent, as it is direct consequence of an opening secured from the government, and that needs immediate action. Theproject would have a positive impact to at least 200 families in Koh Kong and involve at least 300hectares of land where have just granted certificate to individual family yet for compensation on lost of livelihoods. From 2017 to the end of 2018, Oxfam played critical role in funding the Srae Ambel case to enable CLEC and the 200 families to continue their legal and lawful claim until the success as of today. There have been a lot of lobby and advocacy efforts in both soft and hard approaches that could be traced back toform a comprehensive case study of the case; in particular, to take out some good practices applicable for other case intervention and share it with partners. - The proposed project: The project objective is to bring in for all actors concerned to learn and improve good practice of effective engagement in solving outstanding land andnatural resource issues like the Srae Ambel Case in Koh Kongthrough the development of a comprehensive study of the Srae Ambel Case. - The Expected Results: # Pushing factors encouraged for the solution of the case are defined; # Actors concerned and their roles and responsibilities are identified and formulated # Good practice and room for improvements are recommended;

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