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Community / Land projects / Lantmäteriet Fact Finding Mission to Liberia

Lantmäteriet Fact Finding Mission to Liberia


02/18 - 12/18


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The contribution is a support to Lantmäteriet to undertake a fact finding mission in Liberia with Liberia Land Authority and key stakeholders in the land sector with the aim to develop a project proposal for long-term technical cooperation and capacity building between the Liberia Land Authority and Lantmäteriet. The main development challenge to be addressed by this contribution is severe weak capacity and weakness in wide range of systems and services relating to the land sector resulting among other things to high risks of conflict related to land. Unresolved situations of capacity weaknesses in the land sector has potential to undermine Liberia's peace and stability, economic development and the poverty reduction efforts. Liberia Land Authority is a new insitution of the Liberia established with the mandate to implement effective land management. The Embassy sees a twinning cooperation between the Liberia Land Authority and Lantmäteriet as an important step to formalise long-term institutional cooperation wherein Liberia can benefit from the technical expertise and experiences of Lantmäteriet as it takes steps to resolve the myriad challenges in the land sector.