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ORAM - Nampula


01/16 - 12/18


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ORAM - Rural Association for Mutual Support, Mozambique A non-profit organisation created in 1992 by members of the Mozambican Christian Council. It seeks to support rural communities,in particular smallholder peasants,with the legalisation of their agriculturalland, management of natural resources and other rural enterprises. It has a director,assisted by a board of executive directors.ORAM started with three employees but now has over 200 staff with activities in seven of 10 provinces. The post-war resettlement of displaced people was carried out without major problems and conflicts, without costs for public administration systems, using customary systems of ownership. This served to illustrate of resilience of these systems. Nevertheless, thePeace and Reconstruction Commission of the Mozambique Christian Council did come across some land conflicts during its resettlement work of displaced people. This was considered a very sensitive question and the Council opted to create an NGO to deal withland issues. Thus, in 1992, ORAM (Rural Association for Mutual Support), which participated in this study, was created. Its 10 founding members belonged to the Mozambique Christian Council and the initial funding came from Christian Aid, whose first president was then also president of the Christian Council. Geographical locationof interventions of counterpartner: Provinces of Nampula and Zambezia General terms the interventions strategies that will be applied: Advocacy and lobbies activities # CSOs increasingly participate in or initiate influencing and advocacy efforts on access to land farmers especially women

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