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Community / Land projects / Promoting Inclusive Human Settlements (PIHS)

Promoting Inclusive Human Settlements (PIHS)


01/18 - 12/22


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To contribute to a human settlements sector that benefits poor women, men and young people in Uganda. Expected results; Increased understanding of governance, accountability, housing, gender and human rights by members and partner organizations, Strengthened housing regional network articulating grassroots needs, fostering dialogue and participating in regional and international human settlements forums for advocacy, Increased reporting and recommendations on sustainable environmental management in targeted human settlements, Increased documentation and dissemination of affordable housing finance models, Enhanced capacity and voices of institutions and their communities to demand improved service delivery and establish partnerships enable land rights protection for the urban poor, Development of toolkits and information for advocacy to national and local authorities for influencing practices, enhancing participatory practices and articulating human settlements development agenda


Board and staff equipped with skills in resource mobilisation. A resource mobilisation strategy was developed and currently, the organisation has engaged a consultant to come up with a proposal on establishing a Housing Cooperative financing Fund in collaboration with Uganda Housing Coop Union. Organised a Regional network forum where all housing partners in ROEA were equipped with skills in housing, human settlements, housing typologies, housing cooperatives and advocacy. Finalised the Eastern and Southern Housing Regional Network strategic plan . Participated in the ninth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) in Malaysia which provided a platform to show case some of the work done by the network and the project. Presented One position paper to the infrastructure committee of parliament on the ministerial policy statement of the Lands, Housing and Urban development sector highlighting the importance of housing to the socio-economic development of the country and the need to promote housing cooperatives. 2 petitions developed on the rampant evictions in the country and the environment concern of Lake Wamala in Mityana District. Managed to formalize our relationship with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development by entering into an MOU which will ease our advocacy for the right to adequate housing as a government partner. Facilitated 3 network members in a leadership for change training where they have so far developed business plans. Developed a physical development plan for Kakiri Town council and in the process equipped 7 students with hands on skills in physical planning. Facilitated our community groups to exhibit their innovative products during INTERNATIONAL WOMen'S DAY and WORLD enVIRONMenT DAY where they were recognized by the president and another with a certificate. Participated in the options development phase of Uganda’s National Physical Development Plan where we proposed regional balance option that was adopted. Developed and submitted the Kakiri Town Council Physical Development plan in Wakiso district through partnership with Makerere University physical planning students and lecturers.