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Community / Land projects / Resilience in Pastoral Areas- South

Resilience in Pastoral Areas- South


01/20 - 01/25


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(Ethiopia): The Resilience in Pastoral Areas - South (RiPA-South) activity will improve resilience capacities of households, communities, and local governance institutions in 16 woredas in the Oromia, SNNPR, and Somali Regions, increasing food security for more than 107,533 households. With FY2021 funds, RiPA South will finalize woreda level Disaster Risk Management (DRM) assessments, crop and livestock market studies, mapping of saving and credit groups, and human-centered design assessments to initiate strategic interventions to safeguard livelihoods and reduce the impact of shocks on vulnerable Ethiopians. The climate adaptation in the lowlands focuses on drought prevention through improved and locally led rangeland management. There are market based solutions to drought mitigation, but the land management is specifically intended to improve the natural resource base and to allow adaptation to climate variability. For floods, the market based solutions include work with the private sector to dredge water ways to reduce overflow. Activities focused on household resilience are primarily around information on nutrition and hygiene, access to finance, and market linkages. The RiPAs also provide technical assistance to financial institutions to improve the capacity of the sector. Also at the household asset-building level, the RiPAs are developing private sector actors in veterinary care. .FY2021 funds will finalize barrier analysis to identify key determinant behaviors that affect nutritional and hygiene behaviors and develop context-specific social and behavior change communication strategy. These efforts directly support Ethiopia's Integrated Country Strategy Mission Goal 3: Spur Broad-based Economic Growth, Mission Objective 3.1: Increase Economic Growth with Resiliency in Rural Ethiopia, Mission Goal 4: Advance Regional Peace, and Security Mission Objective 4.1: Ethiopia Builds Capacity to Address Humanitarian Crises..... .