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Community / Land projects / Resilient Landscapes and Livelihoods for Women Program

Resilient Landscapes and Livelihoods for Women Program


09/19 - 03/24


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The project aims to improve climate resilience, land productivity and carbon storage while increasing access to diversified livelihood activities in selected rural watersheds for smallholder farmers with a particular focus on women farmers. The project creates economic opportunities for women smallholder farmers and addresses land tenure issues—particularly for disadvantaged women. In addition, it seeks to enhance the resilience of communities to tackle climate change and its negative impacts in the future by adopting sustainable land management practices. The project reduces the impacts of land degradation, improves agricultural productivity and ultimately contributes to greater food security for vulnerable households across Ethiopia. Project activities include: (1) building green infrastructure and resiliency by designing and operating livelihood options for male and female farmers (2) investing in institutions and information for resilience building; (3) administering land and using technologies properly; and (4) managing projects and reporting on time.

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