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Community / Land projects / Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) 2013-2017

Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) 2013-2017


04/13 - 09/18


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Rights & Resources Initiative (RRI) is a global coalition of org.s working to encourage forest land tenure, policy and economic reforms so that business reflects local development agendas and supports local livelihoods. RRI works at the country, regional and global levels, collaborating on research, advocacy and convening strategic actors. Agreement partner is Rights & Resources Group (RRG). Clear and secure land tenure for local communities is an important precondition for several aspects of development, including sustainable use of natural resources, including decreased or avoided deforestation, increased resilience, economic development and enhancement of human rights and democratic societies. Special attention to securing women’s rights is part of the intervention's design.


Improved governance of forest areas in developing countries for poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation and climate resilience.