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Community / Land projects / Rights to Food II

Rights to Food II


01/19 - 12/20


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The main framework of this project is to encourage improvements in government policies at the national level as well as policies related to the private sector and the implementation of policies to fulfil the right to food at the local level. The policy objectives that want to be intervened are the formulation of national regulation related land at the national level which is expected to strengthen the basic principles of agrarian reform, such as overcoming conflict resolution in favor of small -scale farmers, promoting gender justice in land tenure, formation institutional authority related to agrarian reform, attempts to reduce land tenure inequality. Outcome Areas as target of the project are: 1. Improved Policy Government Sector; 2. Improved Policy Private Sector; 3. Political Will; 4. Increased Citizen's Voice; 5. Stronger and Wider Alliance; 6. Strengthened Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).