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Community / Land projects / Scaling up Amka Mwanamke (Woman Arise) Campaign in Response to Women’s Land Rights

Scaling up Amka Mwanamke (Woman Arise) Campaign in Response to Women’s Land Rights


01/23 - 12/23


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What to be done and why? The project intends to empower more women, give them more voices to advocate for their rights for them to have full control over land resources. In Tanzania customary practices often, require women to access land through their fathers, brothers, husbands or other men who control the land. This makes women vulnerable and decreases agricultural productivity. When women lose their connection to this male relative, through either death, divorce or migration, they can lose their land, home and means of supporting themselves and their families. Direct beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries: 5,000 vulnerable women and girls Expected impact: Proportion numbers of women in Muleba and Bukoba Districts have adequate access to and control over land resources. Direct project results/ outcomes: Increased capacity, knowledge and skills among marginalized women on their rights to have access to and control over land. Village and Ward Land Councils are accountable and ensure equitable distribution of land resources for women. Increased access to information, education and communication services and materials for women about land distribution, land registration and land rights. Prominent people, political and religious leaders, local leaders and traditional land owners are first agents for change in advocacy to land registration, land rights and land ownership for vulnerable women. Expected outputs of the projects Lessons learnt on the previous project achievements documented and shared with policy makers. 75 paralegals trained on land rights for women 25 Ward Land Councils trained and strengthened 140 members of Ward Land Councils trained. Quarterly dialogue meetings with prominent, local leaders and traditional land owners convened. 1 District Women Friendly Resource Centre (WRC) established and 1 WRC strengthened 75 Women informal groups on advocacy for land rights formed and supported IEC materials developed and distributed, media coverage on women’s rights aired out Implementing partners: TAMA is the implementing partner. They will work and s strengthen collaboration with Muleba and Bukoba District Councils particularly Legal Officers, Land Officers, Village Land Councils and Ward Land Councils and paralegal women Link to the website: