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Community / Land projects / Strategy and organization assessment of SDUB 2022

Strategy and organization assessment of SDUB 2022


08/22 - 04/23


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The Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Beira is established end of 2018. The mandate of SDUB is to provide pre-developed flood proof land and stimulate associated construction for residential (Maraza) and industrial (Munhava) purposes in the City of Beira. The objective of this strategic assessment is to advice (SDUB) on an effective strategy for successful development of the projects within their portfolio, that enables the SDUB to become self-sufficient within 3 years. Priority is the realization of the (affordable) housing project in Maraza, where 2,6 million euro has been invested in an area of 3,5 hectares. This area is backfilled, plots are delineated and granted with secured land rights and basic infrastructure such as access roads, utilities and a drainage system are put in place. There is an urgency to realize the construction and selling of affordable housing. The assessment will analyze and advice on the best strategies for project portfolio of SDUB and on the optimalization of the organization structure, finance management and human capacity to implement the strategies successfully.